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India is a diverse country and it can be clearly seen in its geography, people, culture, climate and even food. Each region of the country has something different to offer to its food lovers. Indian food lovers can taste each color of the region food in the Indian restaurant menu.


The unique taste and aroma of various ingredients make the Indian cuisine so special and popular across the world. The influence of rich tradition and culture can be seen easily in the traditional food of the country. The food

of each region of the country has tongue tantalizing taste. Indian cuisine offers variety of mouthwatering dishes.


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The food of north region is known as spicy and mainly vegetarian. Rajasthani and Punjabi food of north region offers a variety of spicy and delicious dishes. The popular dishes of Rajasthani food are Balusahi, Churma, Panchkoota, Raabdi, Jhajariya, ghever, Dal-bati, Besan-Chakki etc. while the popular curries are Beans Ki sabji, Keri ki sabji, makki ki

raab, karele ki sabji and many others. Rajasthani food is cooked with Ghee and lots of nuts. Unlike other dishes, sweets are taken before, with and after the meal in Rajasthani cuisine. While in north region Haryanvi food is famous for its milk products.


South Indian food is considered to be the spiciest. The famous dishes of this food are idli- dosa, masala- dosa, sambar- idli, coconut chutney, rice etc. Coconut is widely used in south Indian cuisine. There is one other thing that makes this food special is that it is served on banana leaf. Sea food like fishes, prawns etc. are main part of the meal. Most of the people like non- vegetarian in this region.

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