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Arts and crafts define the cultural layers of a particular place, community and race. India, being a multicultural nation, is home to multiple cultural strata of cultures and traditions. A land of immense diversity, various traditions, rituals, geographic and climatic conditions, lifestyles and cultures India have given birth to numerous styles and designs.


Some of the finest crafts examples of Rajasthan are; fabric colouration and embellishment, decorative painting and puppetry. Rajasthan is also famous for its block Printing and wooden handicrafts and lac bangles.

India is a land abundant in raw materials that have lent themselves to the creative hands of the Indian craftsmen. From expensive materials like ivory, gems and marble; to cheaper ones like clay, cane and bamboo and wood, Indian handicrafts have an amazingly captivating beauty.


Rajasthan, recognized by its Royal heritage is also a prominent and well-established in craft industry. Craft workers see this not as an occupation, but rather a mark of respect to their heritage.

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